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Pranayama is the subtle, sensitive practice of controlled breathing. The class is for students with a well-established home practice of asana willing to add to their practice a daily practice of pranayama.photo of Constance in pranayama
Pranayama I: Prerequisite: one year of instruction in and home practice of asana in the Iyengar Yoga method. Student must be able and willing to keep up the practice of asana, and practice pranayama daily.
Pranayama II: Prerequisite: Pranayama I, or six months of pranayama practice based on instruction received in the asana classes.

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For students over 50 years of age who would benefit from a slower paced class. Challenging, but appropriate for older practitioners.

students in class with Constance
students in class

“I started practicing yoga at age 49 to deal with back pain. The pain dissolved soon, but I’ve continued practicing for 15 years, benefiting from increased strength, flexibility, stamina and the ability to deal with stress. I feel lucky to have studied at the Houston Iyengar Studio where all the teachers are highly trained and supportive. Iím grateful for my teacher, Constance, who continues to bring freshness to her classes and my yoga after all these years!”
Kathy Duval
HIYS student