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“HIYS has for 7 years provided me with an awareness of my body and mind with engaging asana practice and thought provoking discussions. My life is enriched by the people who teach and those who join us for practice.”
Belinda Walker
HIYS student

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Houston, TX

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One hallmark of Iyengar Yoga is the use of propsóblankets, wooden blocks, belts, chairs, etc.

Joyce Jones in tadasana Props teach correct action. These belts help the student adjust the shoulder blades and lift the chest.

Joyce Jones in utthita parsvakonasana

Props enable stiff or injured students to benefit from a pose.

They also create safety and good alignment for healthy students.

Joyce Jones in salamba sarvangasanaThe support under the shoulders in shoulder stand enables the student to be upright in the pose without over-stretching the neck.

Joyce Jones in supta baddha konasana Joyce Jones in viparita dandasana through the chair

In addition, props enable students to hold or rest in a pose for extended periods.

“I’ve been a student of Iyengar Yoga for several years. My original yoga classes were at another studio, now closed, which had a more generic Hatha Yoga approach.†The instructor there had mentioned the value of Iyengar yoga for its emphasis on correct form, so I decided to try it out. What I found was no music, no waterfalls in the background, no long sequences of poses. Instead, I found crystal clear instructions, close attention to preparation for poses to prevent injury and assure healthy progress, and kind and supportive teachers who are eager to meet every student at their individual level of strength and flexibility.”

“I am also learning awareness, physical flexibility and strength, balance, mental flexibility and clarity, and focus. I’m becoming aware of parts of me I never attended to before: spine, collarbones, shoulder blades, kneecaps, toes, and muscles too numerous to count! I’m cultivating a sense of space, fluidity, and rootedness, and struggling to focus on what is essential while clearing my mind of the day-to-day worries, annoyances, and to-do lists.”

HIYS student